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As you all know, the 60-ties are the period in the mens’ fashion that’s particularly close to me. That’s why I was amazed by the tv series Mad Men, which expresses perfectly the spirit of those wonderful times and provides us with lots of insights about the men’s style. I’m convinced this one can be a source of inspiration for all of us also today.

Fascinated by the times when men were wearing suits as their everyday outfit and they event didn’t think to show off dressed differently, the times when women always tried to look smart, Sylwia and I decided to go for a short travel back in time, which resulted in the mini photo session which we are pleased to share with you today. From my end, I decided to wear an iconic outfit from the 60-ties: glencheck grey suit, black tie with discrete white dots and my newest purchase – white pin collar shirt with coctails cuffs.

The suit from Albione is one of my favorites. I wear it quite often because it’s comfortable and, as for a RTW, quite well fitted for my atypical sihouette. Of course some small corrections were needed (shorten the legs and some reduction in waist). I was hesitating for a long time regarding the possible shortening of the sleeves. Finally I decided not to do it for 2 main reasons: first – I would only shorten it by 1cm, second – it would spoil the geometry of the sleeve because this jacket has functionnal buttons so it’s impossible to remove it. I have to say I don’t feel 100% comfortable wearing a bit too long sleeves but well… we can’t have everything ­čÖé

Of course this session could not happen without a beautiful, dark grey hat from Stetson, which – together with the tie bar – refer the most to the fabulous 60-ties. The tie bar is a kind of stylish joke to highlight the specific character of this photo session. I would not wear it with my usual office attire, but I’m sure that for this session it fitted perfectly.

The shirt is made of fine Egyptian two ply cotton with a beautiful shine, making the fabric soft but also very elegant. That’s a whit shirt at its best – it will work with most of the formal outfits. It has a classic pin collar with the regular, not very long lapels. I also decided to make it with quite original cuffs, called coctail cuffs. Those are very stylish and elegant, Not as formal as double cuffs but more elegant that classic, single ones. This shirt is fantastically comfortable and fits almost everything!

Sylwia’s outfit is also a tribute to the 60-ties. Very smart, fitted daily dress in plum burgundy, with a beautiful scarf with colorful animal pattern are a quintesence of the style from those times. The outfit is completed by a classic set – shoes and small bag in the nude color. Please also notice a beautiful hair dress – a fantastic┬áVictory Roll (very popular from the 40-ties) makes her outfit so great that I wasn’t able to stop looking and you can see it on the pictures ­čÖé

Victory roll

This mini-session is our tribute to the times when men and women try to look smart, the dress and suit were used as everyday dress-code and the outfit was a very important way to communicate with the world and to show respect to other people.

Of course we are very curious of your comments and opinions┬á­čÖé

Many thanks to Kasia and Piotr Purchalak from KPK Multimedia fro great pics and the atmosphere during the session!

For this session I worn:
Suit – Albione
Shirt – MTM Emanuel Berg
Tie – Cafardini
Hat – Stetson

Sylwia’s outfit:
Dress┬á– Simple
Scarf – Salvatore Ferragamo
Shoes and bag – Dune
Hair – Atelier Urody Stalowe Magnolie Joanna Ciszewska

Bartek G├│rzny
Bartek G├│rzny

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