Spring’s coming or colors rule!


Today I’d like to share with you some pictures from the last session and use it as an illustration for a quite important topic: how to much different colors? It’s becoming important as spring is at the corner and we will use more and more colors in our outfits. Lots of men don’t聽use many colors, especially bright and vivid. They are afraid to do not look stupid, ridiculous or not serious. To my opinion, we should use it as much as we can! It only requires some basic knowledge how to combine it and use it for the right occasions.

There are certain combinations that I call immortal, such as:
a) blue suits + white shirt + tie in: blue (all the tones), red (all the tones), green, purple. Those sets will always look great, also if we exchange the white shirt for a light blue one.
b) grey suit (from light grey to graphite) + white shirt + tie in: navy blue, burdgundy, silver, black.
c) a bit less formal – a navy blazer + blue shirt + beige chinos or flannel pants + tie in burgundy or brown (in different tones).

Those sets are safe and fit all men in all age and all type of silhouette. But there are other combinations, a bit less obvious. I trust that pictures from my first spring session you will see below will be a good example how to combine in an interesting way few difficult colors. That will be also my voice in the eternal discussion called聽Shall men wear pink? 馃檪

In this outfit I mixed 3 or even 4 different colors. Here it is an unformal outif for a city walk or a meeting with friends:

The double breasted jacket has an interesting pattern. That’s a combination of grey and light pink. It gives an original look and, from one hand, may make it quite difficult to mix it with other colors, but from the other – when you put it on, it adjusts colorwise to other garments you wear and do not play the predominant role, becoming the background for whole outfit. I decided to combine it with juicy green chinos, pink shirt and beautiful regimental tie with burdgundy, pink and green stripes.

Now this is a question: shall a man wear a pink shirt? I personally like it very much. I think they are a fantastic background for lots of outfits and the combination of a pink shirt, navy suit and blue tie with red polka dots look absolutely amazing. It also works very well with different shades of grey and – in general – it’s very universal.

In the outfit I present today the pink shirt plays an important role, as it is a background for quite original tie. It’s made from shantung – row silk, with an irregular 3D structure. It’s perfect for unformal, casual outfits. This model is even more original聽because of the combination of colors used. It is a nice challenge to take when it comes to the set up of the outfit using it.

Please take with a pinch of salt my choice of the cufflinks – I’ve chosen the ones with the flag of Wales because: first – I always liked it, second – it contains the same colors as the rest of the outfit 馃檪

The outfit is completed with unformal, brown brogues, brown belt and a watch in the old gold color.

Finally I’d like to share with you a picture that explains and justifies the choice of colors for my outfit. Isn’t it a right background for this beautiful and elegant woman in such a dress…?

As spring is coming, we can start enjoying sun and lots of colors. Let’s use it then, combining different ones and testing. Spring will forgive us and we can make our streets more colorful. Stay tuned, as more outfits with mix of different colors are coming!

Pictures by聽Katarzyna Purchalak KPMultimedia.

For this session I worn:
Jacket – Pr贸chnik
Shirt – MTM Emanuel Berg
Tie and handkerchief – poszetka.com
Watch – Fossil
Cufflinks – T.M. Lewin
Shoes – Loake

Bartek G贸rzny
Bartek G贸rzny

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