How to dress up and look classy when it’s hot?

outfit for summer

How to dress up when the sun starts to shine? What to choose when it’s getting really hot but we still want to look dapper and classy? I decided to test it in one of the the hottest cities in Europe – Madrid. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and I come back there as often as I possibly can. This year, begining of June was really hot. The temperature went up to 37degrees so those were perfect circumstances!

In fact, for such a weather you only have one choice: combination of linen and cotton. Both are natural fabric, light and ensuring the right ventilation. Therefore, my outfit for a Sunday walk through the old town of Madrid was composed of: doublebreasted, navy, linen jacket, white shirt made of cambric, blue chinos and monks.

This is a RTW jacket so it was necessary to make some adjustments. The main change though was to replace the standard brown buttons by the golden ones. In this way I transformed an ordinary linen jacket into a super classic British style blazer for summer 馃檪 In order to combine different fabrics in one outfit, I decided to wear a very light, white shirt, made of cambric – very closelt woven cotton, perfect for summer.

For such a weather you also need 1 more element to protect yourself against the sun – a hat. My choice regarding was quite obvious – a classic panama.

My panam, made of the finest quality leaves of the Ecuadorian palm, comes from a lengadary Fernandez y Roche, based in Sevilla. The company has been founded in 1885 and manufactures different types of hats both for men and women in the old, traditional way.

This hat is incredibly light, drafty (thanks to the natural febers, closely woven) and very, very classy! It fits most of the outfits: formal suits, coordinated sets and casual. In one word – it’s perfect for the summer season!

And after the photo…. welll… be in Madrid and not to try a grilled octopuss and fresh oysters in Mercado San 聽Miguel would be an unforgivable mistake 馃檪

All pictures made by Sylwia G贸rzna.

For this session I worn:
Jacket – Ralph Lauren
Shirt – Concillo Napoli
Panama – Fernandez y Roche
Handkerchief – Royal Collection
Trousers – Hugo Boss
Shoes – El Corte Ingl猫s

Bartek G贸rzny
Bartek G贸rzny

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    • Bartek G贸rzny
      Bartek G贸rzny says:

      Dear Dylan,
      thank you very much. Well, for this outfit you could defintely think about a casual tobacco or light brown bag and a casual watch with a navy strap.

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