How to dress up when’s hot? Part II

Garnitur z lnu

Here is the next article about how to dress up when’s hot. For many men summer is a tough season – it’s quite difficult to look elegant and sharp when is really hot. That’s wy I’d like to show you today 2 other ideas of the summer outfit. At this occasion I will also decompose the linen suit.

As already mentioned few times, during summer I like to get less formal and use more smart casual outfits for work. I wear suits and jackets made of linen and cotton, with a light construction and loose weave. Those outfits are not suitable for any official meetings with clients or business partners, but are ok to wear for the everyday offce work.

The linen suit can be worn in many different ways and that makes it very practical. I personally prefer the classic combination with a shirt, unformal tie (i.e. linen or woollen) and loafers, but you can also wear it with a popover shirt or even t-shirt and sneakers. In one word – that’s an ideal suit for the summer.

Today I’d like share with you 2 outfits based on the linen suit. The first is a classic combination and in the second one – I kept the jacket and changed the trousers.

Grey isn’t an obvious color for summer, especially when it comes to linen, however this suit really attracted my attention. It’s very original and looks great. It’s made out of 100% linen with very loose weave, as you can see on this picture:

lniana marynarka

It has been made with a half lining and no construction inside. As most of RTW garments, it required some small alterations, like shortening the sleeves and the trousers.

Option no 1 – classic

This is a proposal of the outfit for the office for the warm days. It’s very unformal, so you should not wear it if you’ll have a business meetings. It won’t be suitable neither for the offices where you have more strict dress-code rules, but it’s ideal for the every day work in the office when you don’t have the contact with the clients or business partners. Of course it will work perfectly for the private occasions, like meeting friends, walk in town, cinema, dating etc. This outfit is composed of the grey linen suit, white shirt made of 100% cotton and knit tie.

Summer look

Garnitur z lnu

Black, leather tassel loafers are completing the outfit.

black tassel loafers

I have to say I am not a big fan of not wearing the socks with other shoes than moccasins and sailor shoes. To my opinion many men are doing it too often and for the shoes that aren’t made for it. It’s a trendcoming from much warmer countries where summer is much longer. In our climate often it looks a bit weird. In this concrete situation though I decided to do it, mainly because of the character of the outfit and the weather (it was over 30 degrees when we were shooting the pictures).

 Black knit with white polka dots underlines the unformality of this outfit but in the same time it allows to keep it smart and elegant.

knit tie

Lniany garnitur

Option 2 – coordinated set

Grey is not an easy color to try a decomposition, especially when it comes to the linen. I gave a try though. The starting point wasn’t the suit itself, but very original trousers in white-grey stripes made of seersucker cotton.

That’s the result:
Letni zestaw z marynarką

From the distance those trousers look withe. Only when you come closer you can see the true color and the pattern.


Besides the grey linen jacket and seersucker trousers I put on a white shirt made of cambric, a tie made of printed silk and suede tassel loafers.

Letni zestaw koordynowany

Letni zestaw z marynarką

The fabric of the tie and  its construction allow you to make a very nice dimple.

Shoes have a fantastic color – you could call it a pigeon grey and look really stunning. Wearing them without socks is the only option and that also makes this outfit very unformal.

tassel loafers

I’m very curious of your opinions if this decomposition was successful or not 🙂

To summarize, if you are allowed to be a bit less formal in your work, I really encourage you to experiment a little bit with the linen and to introduce it to your work dress-code. In the end, summer is too beautiful to wear only the whole season woollen suits together with oxford and derby shoes 🙂 A linen suit or a coordinated set will allow us to stay smart and elegant, but will also prove that we’re flexible and can adjust our look to the weather conditions and circumstances.

So, finally, which one do you prefer?

I’m looking forward for your comments and proposals of your summer outfits.

Pictures by Adrian Norbert Cuper.

For this session I worn:
Option no 1
Suit – Fusaro Antonio
Shirt – Macaroni Tomato
Knit – E.M Mens’ Accessories
Handkrchief – Rack Tie
Shoes – Bow-Tie

Option no 2
Shirt – Concillo Napoli
Trousers – Ralph Lauren
Tie –
Handkerchief – Profumo
Shoes – Polo Ralph Lauren

Bartek Górzny
Bartek Górzny

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