Hall Of Shame or men’s outfits at the Oscars 2017

As all the dust is settled after the biggest scandal in the Oscars history – the announcment of the wrong winner for the Best Movie, I decided to take some time and have a look on the dress code of the movie stars, attending the event at Dolby Theatre. Taking into account the experience from the last year I wasn’t expecting too much and I was rather prepared that the actors – despite almost unlimited budgets they may allocate both in clothing and the professional advices – will try to re-invent the wheel and make their own interpretation of the “Black tie”. Unfortunately also this this time they exceeded my expectations. We have seen again the parody of a tuxedo, freak-tuxedo, strange shirts and accessories as from the countryside wedding… In one word: heaven can wait!
I cannot understand how it comes that all those celebrities, famous and wealthy, travelling all around the world ar not able the make an effort at least once a year and dress up folling the rules of the classic men’s elegance or just wear the clothes of the proper size!

This is my “Hall Of Shame” or critical review of the movie stars’ outfits during the Oscars 2017. I divided it into 3 parts. The evening started not bad, unfortunately over the time, the red carpet was filled with more and more fashion experiments until the arrival of…. have a look at the end of the third part 🙂

Part 1 – Good potential but with some mistakes
The actors qualified here made some mistakes but their look was rather ok. Of course they stand out even more in the comparison to the represenatives of 2 other categories. As they say: half a loaf is better than no bread 🙂
Here they come:
Jef Bridges (here with his wife – Susan) looks almost nobly and he opens the ranking. To my opinion – he was dressed the best out of all the guests. He has chosed quite controverse but popular in USA tuxedo with 2 buttons and notch lapels. The vest is completely unnecessary here, but it’s good that’s been made from the same fabric as tuxedo. The rest is really fine.

The second place goes to Andrew Garfield. his outfit is quite closed to the ideal. Great cut and shape of the tuxedo, peak lapels with the right width to his silhouette, beautiful, velvet bow-tie, evening shirt… All would be perfect… if we wouldn’t see strange and completly unnecessary and not stylish finishing of the sleeves and too long shirt sleeves. He has a potential though.

Third place is Andre Holland. He decided to wear a classic tuxedo with the shawl lapels. they are quite narrow but they fit his silhouette. Very nice bow-tie and evening shirt (a bit shame that not with the double cuffs). Perfect length of the pants, which was really unusual during this gala, because most of the guests had too long or way too large pants. The only missing element is a pocket square but in general – very good.

Unfortunately, that’s the end of the good news. The second category is…

Part 2 – Failure
Let’s start with the outfit that, at the first sight, looking from the top, seems to be fine but, lower we look, worse it is. Here is Matt Damon:

Actor has chosen a tuxedo in a beautiful, deep navy color with peak lapels. He also decided to add a vest, but that’s minor problem. The whole outfit is completely destroyed by the following elements: normal, everyday business shirt, way too long and too large pants and classic oxford shoes instead of the formal pumps and even not very well polished.

The next “star” of this category is Gael Garcia Bernal. Please have a look:

Very narrow lapels, ugly bow-tie, no pocket square are mistakes but all of them are overwhelmed by one, basic question: who, on earth, is coming at the Oscar Gala in the chelsea boots???

In this category we may also find Jackie Chan. Respecting his origin and tradition he decided to wear a classic Chinese evening suit with a stand-up collar. It could result in a very interesting, original outfit but, unfortunately, it has ben spoiled by: too long jacket, horrible, too large and too long pants and awful boots, looking almost like from dr Martens.

We can also call a failure the outfit from Capitain America – Chris Evans:

The suit as such fits not that bad (it’s not ideal though) but we cannot call it a tuxedo! This is an awful interpretation of a tuxedo, supported by some mass garment producers with the goal of re-invent the evening outfit of a man. That’s a shame that celebrities like Evans are promoting this approach…

Finally the last one in this part – Casey Affleck. He’s a great, talented actor and during this Gala he had a reason to celebrate, but how to explain his look à la clochard?

And I’m even not talking about his tuxedo, which eventually doesn’t look that bad (except too long sleeves, ugly bow-tie and lack of the pocket square), but about his general look: matted, not trimmed beard, greasy, uncombed hair – the guest of the Oscars should not look like that, especially when he’s expecting to be awarded!

Part 3 – Tragedy
Here you can find the outfits that cry for a vengeance! I’m disgusted that so wealthy and well known people who realize that they influence the others, can dress up like that for the Oscars.

The hottest actor of the last seasons, idol of women – Ryan Gosling – started quite well. He has chosen a classic, slim fit tuxedo. Good length of the pants, nice bow-tie and formal pumps are very good. Unfortunately, the final effect is spoiled by very narrow lapels, lack of the belt, too long sleeves of the jacket and lack of the pocket square. We could live with all those though if not one more element – horrible shirt with a ridiculous frill. This one doesn’t require any further comment.

The strong and well deserved second place goes to Lin-Manuel Miranda. Silk knit (with an horrible knot) with a tie-bar? For the Oscars? Really?

He is not alone though because also the second place ex-aequo is occupied by Mahershala Ali. He shown up with a completly inappropriate outfit with no taste. The monochrome was never dapper and for sure it should not be worn for the Oscars.

With no doubt the winner of my ranking of the worst dressed men for the Oscars 2017 is Pharell Williams. He won with a tremendous distance to the others and I’m convinced that this picture explains everything:

Even if you’re an artist, very popular, talented and well respected, you should not wear something like that for the Oscars. This is a total tragedy, lack of any taste and respect to the other guests and the importance of the event. Never ever do that!

As I wanted to finish with a positive accent, I add here a picture of Sunny Pawar that made me smile:

All our hopes in the young generation!

Bartek Górzny
Bartek Górzny

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