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Outfit for the office should be comfortable, but also ensuring the appropriate look, showing our attitude to the work we do, our colleagues and – most importantly – to our business partners and clients. We shall remember that when we enter the office, we don’t represent only ourselves – we represent the company. Our look is one of the key element creating a positive image of the company.

Because this approach is dear to me, I try to dress up appropriately when going to work. My usual outfit is a suit, but also – especially the days I don’t have any meetings with clients – coordinated sets. I allow myself a little bit of nonchalance by wearing colourful socks or pins in the jacket lapel. Pictures used in this post are showing my interpretation of the office dress-code.

The session took place in summer, that’s why I dressed a suit made of very light wool. The color is blue with delicate white stripes. This is a classic daily suit which is perfect to wear in the office.


I matched it with a deep blue shirt with a tab collar. This is one of my favourite collars and I wear it very, very often. Please notice how nice the tie knot looks like with this collar. It pulls it slightly over. This is a collar with a character and it allows us to make our office outfit a bit more fancy.


The tie is obviously made of shiny silk in a quite interesting, deep blue colour. It differentiates from the shirt and the jacket but in the same time remains a coherent part of the whole outfit. What makes it different and allows to stand out a bit is the pattern – eagles plucking to fly. This tie is not very formal but in this concrete outfit – could work as a part of the office attire.

The handkerchief made of silk with a dominant deep navy colour, with golden borders makes this outfit complete.


As already mentioned, this business attire I also used 2 small details which make it a bit more individual. The first is the golden pin in the jacket lapel, second one – socks in very nice blue colour with floral design.


To complete the outfit I wore half-brogues in dark cognac colour. These are quite unformal shoes but still work well for the daily usage, also in the office.


To summarize: the outfit for the office doesn’t have to be boring and very standard and a normal suit can be a great starting point to create an interesting outfit. The only thing you need is a bit of knowledge, grasp of invention and willingness to express yourself.

Pictures by Małgorzata Adamska

For this session I worn:

Suit – Fusaro Antonio

Shirt – MTM Emanuel Berg

Tie – Republic Of Ties

Handkerchief – Macaroni Tomato

Pin – EM Men’s Accessories

Socks – Kabak

Shoes – Loake

Bartek Górzny
Bartek Górzny

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