Evening attire or core principles of elegance in practice

Since a while I was thinking about the article regarding men’s evening attire. The occasion has occured much earlier that I planned though and it was quite unexpected…
Recently I had a unique opportunity to attend a very special event called “Warsaw With a Tie”. that’s an initiative of 3 Polish fashion bloggers: Albert Borowiecki (blog For Gentleman), Jan Adamski (blog Jan Adamski) and Rafał Przetak (blog W Dobrym Stylu). it was organized for the fifth time and this edition was, by far, the most spectacular. the whole event was devided into 2 parts: the afternoon meeting, including some interesting presentations (there will be another article about it soon) and the evening gala. And here we go…

An inspiration for this article was the look of many men who attended this evening event. When I acknowledged that this time there will be an evening gala I got very excited because in those days we don’t have so many occasions to take part in such events and wear formal attire/tuxedo. This is also an occasion for which the guests (especially ladies) get prepared in a special way. So, having this approach in mind we arrived to Lubomirski’s Palace in Warsaw to attend the event.


The choice of the outfit seemed obvious to us – an evening dress and tuxedo, The invitation we received didn’t leave any doubts about the dress code. It stated Black Tie which automatically means tuxedo or dark suit with a white shirt and silk tie or bow-tie.
When we arrived, we got pretty shocked… It became obvious to us that there were lots of men who: don’t know what the evening gala means and how you should dress for such occasion, don’t know what the evening attire is, or – that would be the worst – they just don’t care what they wear for such occassion. It was also possible that some of them tried to be creative and they made their own interpretation of the evenign attire… whatever it was, we felt really shocked mainly because the whole event was organized for the men who are interested in fashion and style and they should be familiar with the basic rules of dress code (I wrote about the core rules in this article).  Thus, I was deeply disappointed and sad by the facty that so many men attended the event dress completely wrong…

I have decided then, for greater good, present you my private catalogue of outfits which should never be presented during such event. I must say that was an easy task, as most of the guests wanted to have a picture on the wall, All photos have been made by Andrzej Marchwiński. I divided the pictures on few categories.

Category no 1 – What am I doing here?
Those are the outfits of the men who completely missed/messed up the occasion. Those are not the outfits for an official gala evening, Period.




Category no 2 – I really tried hard…
Those are the outfits of men who wanted to give to the evening attire a different meaning. In this case the creativity wasn’t a good idea…



Category no 3 – Sprezzatura alla polacca
Those gentlemen decided to get a bit crazy and show how you could break the rules of the style and good taste. Unfortunately the evening attire is the worst to play with because of its simplicity and clearness. In that case we should say better is an enemy of good…



To summarize – those are not the outfits for the evening gala, however – in order to finish with a grasp of optimism – let’s also note great examples to follow. In this category we should mention, at the first place, the organizators of the event and some of their guests. Class.



The men dressed like that are our hope. Copy them and get insipired!

Bartek Górzny
Bartek Górzny

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