Dress code on the cruise – Part II

dress-code on the cruise

Holidays are a perfect time to wear your summer clothes and chose those we feel comfortable in and looking sharp. For me the perfect occasion to check was the cruise.

As promised previously I present today three different summer smart casual outfits. Those perfect not only for holidays, but also during the whole summer season. I hope that will be inspiring for you you 🙂

Smart Casual no 1
This is the most elegant of the outfits I present here. To my opinion it works perfectly for a nice dinner after the sunset, but also for the evening in theatre or for a date. the base is a navy blue linen blazer. I presented it already here. It is very versatile and really beatiful so it fits to many summer outitfs. I used it also in the second proposal below. Golden buttons are giving a bit of mariner’s twist so the jacket fitted perfectly the circumstances.


The navy blazer is mixed with yellow chinos from Christian Berg. They are made of cotton with a bit of lycra so they fit very well and are really comfortable. They quickly became one of my favourite trousers for summer.

smart casual on the ship

The outfit has been completed with a silk, yellow regimental tie. Of course the tie isn’t a must for this set and all would like very well with it, but – as you all know – I love ties, therefore I decided to go for more formal version.

Other accessories are: blue shirt with classic cuffs, silk navy blue/golden handkerchief and navy blue monk shoes.

regimental tie

smart casual

Smart Casual no 2
This outfit is definitely less formal than the first one. I made it just by changing 1 element from the previous set – trousers – and taking off the tie. That’s how you can easily compose 2 different outfits with almost the same elements.

classic blazer on the sea

THe hero of this outfit are trousers, made of white cotton with dark blue stripes.

cotton stripe pants

They are very original and inspired by the style from the 20-ties:  Both the cut and the fabric are making those trousers super casual so they shouldn’t be used for any office outfits, but they are perfect for summer and holidays.

Dress-code on the ship

I also added a classic, white handkerchief made of cotton.

classic blazer

I have to admit that I felt very in this outfit during a relaxed dinner onboard but also dsuring a short evening walk in the port. It fitted perfecly the cicumstances and the occasion.

Smart Casual no 2
this is the most casual outfit out of all presented here. But hey – that was my holidays 🙂 So, for the daily walk in Nice I have chosen: white cotton jacket, blue shirt and white chinos. To complete it I worn a classic panama hat and dark blue monk shoes.

white jacket

panama hat


The jacket, coming from Ralph Lauren it’s a classic summer jacket with fancy silver buttons that reflect a bit a military style. I find this jacket very stylish and it looks stunning both day and night. The best choice for such outfit is a light blue linen shirt. With classic cuffs and a cutaway collar make it suitable for the tie as well. It very light and comfortable, especially for the hot weather.

I think that this outfit was going perfectly with the landscape and very original umbrellas that you only can find on the beaches of Nice, close to the ramous Promenade des Angais w Nicei 🙂

blue shirt

All 3 outfits are perfect for unformal summer occasions, not only during holidays. I’m really looking forward for your comments. Which one do you like the most?

Bartek Górzny
Bartek Górzny

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