About me

My name’s Bartek Górzny. I live in Warsaw, Poland and I’m the author of the mens’ fashion blog Polish Dapper. In the professional life I’m managing a marketing agancy, on private – I’m running this blog to express and share my fascination about mens’ style and classic elegance.

I’m into this topic since couple of years already and decided to develop it further, creating this blog to share my passion, my inspirations and my knowledge with friends and now – also with you Dear Readers!

What I care about is to see more and more well dressed men on the streets. Men who can choose wisely and know what to where for different occasion. I think that my perception of mens’ elegance is reflected in a very famous quote from Ralph Lauren: Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.

Have a good read and please visit my blog regularly!

Thank you.

Bartosz Górzny